Frequently Asked Questions

Before Boarding:

Know Your Personal Baggage Allowance

  • 2nd class non-aircon / aircon and Tourist passengers are allowed ( 2 ) 0.05 cubic meter or equivalent to 50 kilos of personal baggage.
  • Cabin and Private Room passengers are allowed 0.10 cubic meter or equivalent to 100 kilos of personal baggage.
  • Minor passengers are allowed personal baggage half that of an adult passenger.
  • Infant passengers have no baggage allowance
    • Baggage exceeding allowance and those classified under commercial goods shall be deemed as cargo and will be charged accordingly
    • View list of classified commercial goods and / or items with charges
      ( see  Baggage Allowance Tariff )

Porterage Service

For baggage assistance, porters are available at agreed porterage fees between passenger and porter

Prohibited Cargoes On Board 

Items considered to be dangerous and detrimental to the safety of other passengers,crew and of the vessel are not allowed in passenger's personal baggage. Examples of these dangerous items are listed below :

  • compressed gases such as butane or LPG tanks
  • corrosives
  • explosives and timed devices
  • flammable liquids and solids
  • radioactive materials
  • poisonous and infectious substances
  • bladed weapons
  • illegal drug substances

Pregnant Women

Pregnant passengers, must secure medical certificate dated 5 days within departure date attesting fitness to travel by boat.

Sick Passengers

Sick passengers should secure medical certificate dated 5 days prior departure date attesting fitness to travel by boat and should bring enough medication and life saving devices (ex. oxygen) needed during the duration of the travel. A licensed doctor or nurse should accompany non-ambulatory patients.

Travelling With Pets

Passengers travelling with pets should secure Permit to Transport from the Bureau of Animal Industry and place pets in cages lined with paper for litters. We have identified designated areas for pets so other passengers will not be disturbed.

Travelling With Plants

Passengers who wish to bring plants should secure Permit to Transport from the Bureau of Plant Industry. We have designated a specific cargo hold for plants.

Passengers With Guns and Ammunitions

Passengers who bring guns and ammunitions on board must have the necessary permit to carry. Guns and ammunitions are to be deposited with our Vessel Security Officer upon check-in and can only be claimed at the gangplank upon reaching the port of destination.

Passenger Check-In Time

Passengers are advised to be at the Passenger Check-In Terminal at least 2 hours before departure time. Passengers may be shuttled from Check-In Terminal to our vessel, depending on pier location and regulations.

30 Minutes Boarding Cut-Off

We close our gates 30 minutes before departure time. Passengers who fail to check-in before the 30 minutes cut-off may be refused boarding.

Passenger Valid Identification card ( ID )

Upon boarding, passengers are required to present valid identification card (ID). We also require valid ID for discount validation.

Changes In Travel Schedule

For any changes in travel schedule, you may contact us at our Main or Provincial office

  • See the list of our Passage Hotline and contact numbers below

Trip Status And Updates

To get the latest updates and trip status, like us on facebook or follow us on twitter @transasiashipph

While on Board:

  • You may visit our Hotel Officer at the Information Counter for change of accommodations or accommodation upgrade, subject to availability.
  • Treat yourself to a relaxing and soothing massage at our Spa.
  • Exercise your vocal chords and sing to your heart's content at the Karaoke booth.
  • Indulge in your favorite snack items and beverages at the Starsy Shoppe. Personal hygiene kits and simple medicines are also available at the shop.
  • Enjoy old-time favorite dishes at our Tritons Resto-Bar.
  • Experience open air "larsian-type" dining at the Floating Grill.
Amenities may differ in each vessel

Excess baggage tariff: On a per person basis


Item Amount to be collected (in terms of stickers)
Dog in cage
  • Puppy in leash or cage
  • Medium size in cage
  • Full grown or adult dog in cage
  • Php 150 per puppy
  • Php 250 per cage (maximum of 2 heads)
  • Php 300 per cage (maximum of 2 heads)
Fighting cocks (in excess of 2 heads)
  • Excess 4 heads or more
  • Php 150 per head
  • will be charged according to carton measurement
Small goat / cat
Doves / Guinea pig / Hamster (by 2's)           
Love birds (by 4's)
  • Php 150 per head
  • Php 100
  • Php 100
  • Php 100
  • Php 100
Flowers / Plants
  • Per seedling
  • Per bundle
  • Per Pot, small 
  • Per Pot, large
  • Per Carton
  • Commercial quantity (5 or more)
  • Php 50
  • Php 50
  • Php 50
  • Php 100
  • Php 75
  • Bill of lading
Day Old Chicks (in excess of 1 tray)
  • Excess 4 trays or more
  • Php 150 per carton
  • will be charged at 0.061 cbm per tray
Balikbayan box 
Cigarette box
50 kilo Sack
Tool Box, small to regular size
Tool box, big
Sako bag (small / medium) – around 50k
Sako bag (large)
Golf bag
  • Maximum of 2 per passengers in excess of allowance, otherwise, for BL
  • Php 50 per piece
  • Php 50
  • Php 50
  • Php 50
  • Php 100
  • Php 50
  • Php 200
  • Php 100 per set
Appliances such as: (used or new)
  • Refrigerator – small, personal
  • Sewing machine
  • Small machineries (ex. Grinder)
  • TV – above 21 inch
  • Monitor or CPU or printer
  • Gas range – table top; single 
  • 2 burner stove – table top
  • Washing machine
  • Microwave
  • Electric fan – small to medium
  • Sofa bed – child, foldable
  • Stackable chairs – 2 pieces
Only 1 piece allowed
  • Php 200
  • Php 200
  • Php 150
  • Php 150
  • Php 100 per piece, only 1 set allowed
  • Php 50
  • Php 75
  • Php 200
  • Php 50
  • Php 50
  • Php 50
  • Php 50 per 2 piece set; maximum 4 pieces at Php 100
Bicycle or kiddie car – dismantled
*Limit to 1 per person 
  • Php 100 per piece
Tire (new, recap, used)
  • Small (motorcycle), maximum of 2
  • Medium (car), maximum of 2
  • Large (SUV), maximum of 1
  • Php 25 per piece
  • Php 50 per piece
  • Php 100 per piece
Slippers / Sandals in sack
*Limit to 1 per person
  • Php 150 per sack
Religious Image / Icon – child / half adult size
  • Life size / Adult size
  • Php 100
  • Php 200
Cabinets / Orocan 4 drawers
Sofa bed – adult size
  • will be charged accordingly as determined by purser

Passenger Check-in Terminal Location


Location of Check-in Terminal

Cebu City CPA Terminal 2, Pier 3
Cagayan de Oro City Port Area, Macabalan, Cagayan de Oro City
Iloilo City Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City
Ozamiz  City Port Road, Ozamiz City
Iligan City Pier Area, Iligan City
Tagbilaran City Pier Area, Tagbilaran City
Masbate City Pier Site, Masbate City

List of Passage Hotline and Contact Nos.

Main Office, Cebu City +63 ( 32 ) 254-6491 loc. 236, 239 & 244
Cagayan  Office +63 ( 88 ) 323-1631 or 856-8691
loc. 201 & 203
Iloilo Office +63 ( 33 ) 509-9909
Ozamiz Office +63 ( 88 ) 521-2916 or 564-2408
Iligan Office +63 ( 63 ) 302-0803
Tagbilaran Office +63 ( 38 ) 501-0189
Masbate City +63 ( 56 ) 333-2451